Poem Writing

Poems can be provided for personal or commercial use. For an additional fee poems can be laser-printed, carved, stitched, or handwritten (including calligraphy) on various mediums (ex. metal, wood, fabric, paper). Personal uses includes personal gifting, reciting or even your wedding vows. Commercial uses can be for displaying poems on merchandise, advertising, and/or marketing.

Lyric Writing

Lyrics can be provided for personal or commercial use. Lyrics can be written for verses and choruses used in songs. Personal use can be for creating a demo tape or used in a song for a contest or competition. Personal use lyrics cannot be redistributed for beyond approved purposes. Commercial use can be for lyrics that will be distributed online/offline for free or for profit.


Commercial use of poems and lyrics requires copyrights.
If you elect to purchase for commercial use, a release form will accompany your purchase.